WWF - Danube Carpathian Programme - ERDF PP2


The WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme (WWF-DCP) was established in 1998 to coordinate and lead WWF’s conservation activities across the 19-country Danube-Carpathian ecoregion in cooperation with WWF national organizations such as WWF-Hungary, WWF-Austria, WWF-Germany and WWF-Poland. Together with these offices, WWF DCP directly implements activities in the region’s countries, including the 7 Carpathian countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine).

WWF-DCP works across political borders through an ecoregional approach based on model projects, influencing policy, networking, capacity building, communication and crisis response.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

WWF-DCP is contributing to the implementation of the project through the experience gained in other similar projects in the area. In particular, WWF-DCP is further developing the Carpathian Countries Protected Area Clearing House Mechanism (CCPA CHM) developed within the Protected Areas for a Living Planet project (PA4LP) with the aim to establish a Carpathian Joint Biodiversity Information System (CJBIS) incorporating all spatial data and information gathered related to the BIOREGIO project and if available beyond. WWF-DCP is coordinating Work Package 4 containing comprehensive work on regional development opportunities and integrated management measures for protected areas and natural assets.  Furthermore, it will organize the 2nd Carpathian Protected Area Conference to promote not only the CJBIS, but also give the opportunity for networking and experience exchange among protected area professionals. The Carpathian Day of Parks is planned to raise awareness of the public on the natural values of the Carpathian ecoregion through events organized by protected area administrations.