Szent István University - ERDF PP4


Szent István University (SZIU), one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, consists of seven different faculties for study and research hosting approximately 19 000 students.

The activities of Szent István University (SZIU), Instiute for Wildlife Conservation, cover all aspects of wildlife research, development, and innovation. SZIU has the needed experience and resources to ensure the collection and analysis of data on species and habitats, and socio-economic data inHungary. Through its established network, SZIU ensures the  involvement of relevant stakeholders at national and regional level in the country. Furthermore SZIU will make use of its experience in the project TESS (Transnational Environmental Support System), that has links with BIOREGIO Carpathians.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

SZIU is mainly involved in these project activities where data collection, harmonization and classification is requested. This includes mainly the WP3 – Database development and WP5 – Continuity and Connectivity, but also WP4 – Integrated Management of Carpathian natural assets and protected areas. It will provide basic data from a Hungarian perspective and contribute to the development of a methodology of data collection and harmonization as well as of categorization and classification of threatened species and habitats in the Carpathians. SZIU will take part in the stakeholder meetings to collect the relevant information to the Common Integrated Management Measures and in the Pan-Carpathian Day events together with the Duna-Ipoly National Park (WP7).