State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic - ERDF PP9


The State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic is the central expert organisation for nature and landscape conservation in Slovakia  for the past twelve years.  

The main tasks include work on legislation level (elaboration of policy documents, guidelines and resource materials for development of legislation and elaboration of nature conservation documentation) as well as on expert level (expert management of protected parts of nature, surveys and research provision and habitats monitoring).  It also provides for environmental education and awareness activities, promotion and editorial work, operation of information centers as well as international cooperation and implementation of tasks arising from international conventions and agreements.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

SNC SR is the Working Package (WP) Leader of WP 3 - Database development.

SNC SR is in charge of development and maintenance of databases on species and habitats on the national level. This experience supports the work of the SNC SR in database development and elaboration of the Red List of Threatened Carpathian Species and Habitats as well as List of Invasive Species in the Carpathians, for which the SNC SR took responsibility within the project BioREGIO on the whole Carpathian level.

SNC SR also coordinates international cooperation and is represented in the coordinating bodies of the Carpathian Convention.  Elaboration of the Carpathian Red Lists of Threatened Species and Habitats and the List of Invasive Species within the project BioREGIO in cooperation with the CC Working Groups is a first step towards its adoption as set in the Chapter III, Article 8, Point 1 of the Biodiversity Protocol of the Carpathian Convention.