Stakeholder involvement and intergovernmental platform

Stakeholder consultation within BioREGIO Carpathians is supposed to be a continuing dialogue and exchange among the project partners and stakeholders at all different levels.

Beyond the contribution to the elaboration of the Report on the Regional Development Opportunities and the Common Integrated Management Measures (CIMM), stakeholder involvement in BioREGIO Carpathians project should give advice and create ownership for the political follow up and successful implementation of all relevant project outcomes (Red Lists, Carpathian Joint Biodiversity Information System, etc).

This consultation process will culminate in 4 different stakeholder consultation meetings. The organization of intergovernmental meetings among relevant authorities shall ensure the endorsement, follow up and transferability of the project results in policies and strategies. A Pan-Carpathians Park Day in cooperation with the protected areas will be organized in order to involve a wider public and to celebrate the Carpathians and its unique natural heritage.

We will further elaborate a synthesis report on the transferability of the project results towards other mountain regions in particular the Dinaric Arc and Balkans.