Regional Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu - ERDF PP8


The Regional Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu is a Romanian public governmental institution, under the jurisdiction of the National Environmental Protection Agency, a decentralized public service funded from the state budget. REPA Sibiu fulfils the responsibilities of the National Environmental Protection Agency at regional level in the following domains: implementation of environmental policies, legislation and current regulations and coordinates the elaboration of action plans at regional level.

REPA Sibiu organizational structure ensures at regional level, the coordination of environmental protection activities, through specialized departments: Environmental Permitting, Protected Areas, Waste Management, Monitoring of Environment.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

The Regional Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu (REPA Sibiu) is the institution which is responsible for environmental protection in a large area in the Carpathians - it is monitoring the 7 Centre Regions in Romania. Within BioREGIO Carpathians project REPA Sibiu will provide collected data of this important mountain area.

REPA Sibiu will facilitate collaboration and communication with stakeholders involved in management of protected areas. Also REPA Sibiu's involvement in the project will strengthen its relationships with the protected areas managers. REPA Sibiu`s experience with awareness raising on environmental issues within local communities can be shared with other project partners. Staff experience and good knowledge of the Carpathian region ensures an important contribution to the project outputs and results. This project facilitates the knowledge transfer among relevant stakeholders in the Region, and REPA Sibiu will participate in this collaboration with data held on protected areas in the Carpathians and information about those who manage it.