Pilot areas

3 pilot sites consisting of 2 bordering protected areas each and covering 5 Carpathian Countries are involved in BioREGIO Carpathians:

  • Duna Ipoly National Park (Hungary) / Poiple (Slovakia)
  • Iron Gates Nature Park (Romania) /Djerdap National Park (Serbia)
  • Maramures Nature Park (Romania) /Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (Ukraine)

In these pilot areas, the basic principle of the project – cooperation for protection and regional development – will come to live. We will identify fields of cooperation and common activities and elaborate cooperation agreements that should ensure the implementation of the common activities during the duration of the project and beyond. The CIMM elaborated in WP4 will be integrated in the formulation of these agreements.

One of our pilot sites, Poiplies/Duna Ipoly NP, will even go one step further and develop a transboundary management plan on the basis of the CIMM elaborated in WP4.