Piatra Craiului National Park Administration - LP


Piatra Craiului Massif was declared a natural reserve on 28th March 1938. In 1990, Piatra Craiului is officially declared a national park and 9 years after, in 1999, the first park administration is set up along with the implementation of the Biodiversity Conservation Management Project. The Piatra Craiului National Park Administration (APNPC) aims to maintain the biodiversity, landscape and species conservation, to promote and encourage tourist activities and public awareness and education for the nature values conservation. APNPC is located in the core of the Carpathian region and it has implemented several international projects in the field. 


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

Piatra Craiului National Park Administration represents the Lead Partner (LP) of the BioREGIO Carpathians project. The organization is formally the final beneficiary of the ERDF funding and the only link between the Programme and the project partnership ensuring the project coordination both administratively and financially. Hence, the Lead Partner is responsible for the division of tasks and co-ordination of activities among the partners. It is the responsibility of the organization to deliver on the overall objectives of the Operation including budget spend, verification, publicity, actions and activities, outcomes, and delivering within the Programme timeframe.

APNPC performs therewith the needed resources and experience for this major role having previously implemented several international projects and a strong knowledge of the actions to be taken for the development of an integrated management approach in the region. Therefore, the LP contributes to some specific project activities related to the management of protected areas and it forces and enlarges its own experience and network of sustainable regional development and ecological connectivity in the Carpathians.