Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic - ERDF 20% PP1


The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA) is a governmental body established by the Ministry of the Environment of theCzechRepublic. The NCA employs approximately 600 people. The main aim of the NCA is to protect and conserve nature and landscape on the whole territory of theCzechRepublic.

NCA can provide good-quality data concerning the natural habitats and species in the Carpathians on Czech territory. The internal databases concerning the nature conservation data are the largest in theCzechRepublicincluding also the long-term data.

NCA has an experience at scientific level as a governmental body appointed to support state administration as well as cooperate with academic institutions. NCA has built both expert staff and experiences which enable us to prepare guidelines, methods, etc. concerning the nature conservation topics.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

NCA will use the experiences especially to the preparation of the Red Lists of Carpathian species and habitats (WP3) and to the ecological connectivity analyses (WP5). NCA is well experienced in providing information and data concerning the nature conservation also through several specialized web-based databases. We published scientific and popular articles, guidelines, brochures, leaflets etc. The data collected, analyzed and provided by NCA will contribute to the establishment of a solid database covering whole Carpathian Region. NCA has long-term experience in drafting the management plans and implementation of management measures. This enables the NCA to contribute to the preparation of the guidelines and management measure recommendations (WP4 – Integrated management of Carpathian natural assets and protected areas).