National Forest Centre - ERDF PP10


NFC is semi-budgetary forestry agency established by the SR Ministry of Agriculture on 1 January 2006. The Centre reports directly to the Department of Forestry and Wood-processing of MA SR.

NFC aims to take the lead in the development and promotion of sustainable forest management and its implementation in practice. It strives to provide forestry practice, forest owners and other stakeholders with new knowledge on forests and practical solutions enhancing stewardship of existing forest resources. In addition, it supports  transfer of appropriate know-how to state and municipal authorities on forestry, nature conservation, environment, rural development and urban planning. Its ambition is to provide fully-fledged services relevant to and supporting strategic priorities and interests of forestry.

NFC scientific, technical and specialist staff are organised in four centres – institutes:

  • NFC - Forest Research Institute Zvolen (NFC-FRI Zvolen)
  • NFC - Institute forForestConsulting and Education Zvolen (NFC-IFCE Zvolen)
  • NFC - Institute forForestResources and Information Zvolen (NFC-IFRI Zvolen)
  • NFC -ForestManagement Planning Institute Zvolen (NFC-FPI Zvolen)

The institutes mutually closely cooperate and share expertise to achieve common goals and enhance NFC portfolio of public services and products.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

NFC is mainly involved in these WP related to data collection, harmonization and analysis. This includes WP3 – Database development and WP5 – Continuity and Connectivity.

NFC will contribute to project outputs and results through its database about forest ecosystems for the whole forested territory of theSlovakRepublic, their experts on data collection and analysis on forest ecosystems, and the detailed phytoceonological forest types maps elaborated. NFC will develop the methodology and then elaborate Forest Habitats Red List for Carpathians.

NFC will also contribute to the development of the Common Integrated Management Measures (CIMMs) in WP4.

Furthermore, NFC will work in strong cooperation with the Slovak State Nature Conservancy and contribute to the organization of a stakeholder consultation meeting in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia (WP7). NFC will mainly provide direct contacts with the forest land owners and managers including private and public sphere.