Monitoring and protection of Carpathians natural assets

Coordinated scientific research and exchange of information as well as compatible monitoring of environmental systems build an important information basis for political decision making and further action.

This is why BioREGIO Carpathians investigates on the development of a Carpathian wide information system on biological and landscape diversity. A special focus will be laid on the elaboration of Red Lists of Habitats and Species as well as a List of Invasive Alien Species. Beyond providing information, BioREGIO Carpathians will identify barriers that influence ecological connectivity and continuity in the Carpathian and elaborate recommendations on how to improve ecological connectivity  between the natural assets and protected areas in the Region. 

With the establishment of the database, BioREGIO Carpathians supports the implementation of Article 18 “Compatible monitoring and information systems”, and Article 19 “Coordinated scientific research and exchange of information” of the Carpathian Convention’s Biodiversity Protocol. The development of the Red Lists as well as the List of invasive alien species correspond to the requirements of the Protocol’s Article 11 “Conservation and sustainable use of species of flora and fauna of the Carpathians” and Article 12 “Conservation of endangered species including endemic species, and large carnivores of the Carpathians”.