Iron Gates Natural Park Administration - ERDF PP7


Iron Gates Natural Park is a protected area since 2000. Since then it has been known like one of the most important, mostly because of the biodiversity and landscape values, but also because of the fact that it is situated at the border with Serbia, which also has a protected area along the Danube.
In the meantime in this area were declared three NATURA 2000 sites, 2 special protection areas and 1 site of special community interest. The Park administration submitted also the documentation for the declaration of the Ramsar site, further highlighting the importance of this area, from the biodiversity and habitats point of view.

Role in BioREGIO Carpthians project

APNPF is – together with Djerdap National Park in Serbia – one of the pilot sites in WP6 – Pilot project. It will identify fields of cooperation and common activities in order to foster the transboundary cooperation among the two protected areas. Specifically, it will focus on the implementation of the Common Integrated Management Measures (CIMMM) elaborated at transnational level. Furthermore, it will contribute to the data collection and stakeholders involvement activities in Romania.