BioREGIO Midterm Conference


Tatranská Javorina, High Tatras Region, Slovak Republic

The BioREGIO Midterm Conference gives the opportunity to follow up and refresh the network and exchange most recent knowledge on new developments in PA management. It is organized back to back with the 2nd CNPA conference April 23-26 to take place at the same venue.

Representatives of protected areas and other stakeholders acting in the Carpathian Region will meet in Slovakia in April to exchange experience and ideas for future cooperation. During the Conferences, several distinguished keynote speakers will discuss a variety of perspectives on approaches and issues regarding the network of protected areas, such as the governance of protected areas, the science behind conservation, and the role of Non-Governmental Organizations. Amongst others, speakers will include representatives from the European Commission, DG Environment, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC), and the Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCA).

Meeting Documents

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