Public Enterprise Djerdap National Park - IPA PP1


Located on the Danube River where it borders Romania in eastern Serbia, the Djerdap National Park contains impressive natural beauty and archeological sites. The main feature of the national park is the Djerdap Gorge, known as the Iron Gate. The gorge stretches nearly 100 kilometers alongside the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. Where the river narrows to 150 meters, at Kazan, cliffs rise up over 300 meters and makes impressive view.

The park has great biodiversity within one ecosystem. It has  diversified plant and animal life as well as being home to the 8,000 year-old archeological site of Lepenski Vir.


Role in BioREGIO Carpathians project

Djerdap National Park will mainly be involved in WP6 – Pilot projects. Together with Iron Gates Nature Park in Romania it forms one of the project’s pilot areas which will develop common activities that enhance the transboundary cooperation among the two protected areas. Specifically, it will focus on the implementation of the Common Integrated Management Measures (CIMMM) elaborated at transnational level with the other BIOREGIO Carpathians.

In WP3 – database development and WP5 – Continuity and Connectivity, JP NPDF will provide data related to the Serbian part of the Carpathians. It will also be the host of one stakeholder meeting that will involve stakeholders from both, the Romanian and the Serbian side of the Iron Gate (WP7).