Carpathian Red Lists

Red lists are lists of animal and plant species, plant communities, habitats and habitat complexes that are either extinct, have disappeared or are endangered.

On the basis of existing national and transnational data on species and habitats in the Carpathians, BioREGIO Carpathians will identify Carpathian-wide draft Red Lists of Species and Habitats and a List of Invasive Alien Species in the Carpathians.

In order to do this we have to assess and harmonize the existing data sets and to find a standardized methodology that defines categories, criteria and classification of threatened species and habitats and invasive species. The collected data will be integrated in the Carpathian Joint Biodiversity Information System (CJBIS).

Further to the elaboration of a general methodology for identification of Carpathian habitats, we will develop a classification system for wetlands – the Carpathian wetland handbook. This is in line with the Ramsar Convention and the Terms of Reference of the Carpathian Wetland Intiative (CWI).

The Red Lists are elaborated within the BioREGIO Carpathians WP3.