About BioREGIO

BioREGIO Carpathians wants to show how the integrated management of the Carpathians’ natural assets can boost both, sustainable development and ecological connectivity in the Carpathian region. 

Together with regional stakeholders, we will identify development opportunities in protected areas in the Carpathians and will find ways of cooperation for bringing these opportunities to live.

We will detect main ecological corridors in the Carpathian area and formulate policy recommendations that foster the elimination of  natural, legal, social and economic barriers that affect the ecological connectivity in the Carpathian region. With the development of Carpathian wide Red Lists of Habitats and Species as well as a Carpathian List of Invasive Species we want to show the fragility of the ecosystem in the Carpathians and to stimulate further political action.

BioREGIO Carpathians is a transnational cooperation project, co-financed under the 2nd call of the EU SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme, priority area “Protection and Improvement of the Environment”. It involves 16 partners from 9 different South European, Central and Eastern European countries. The seven Carpathian Ministries of Environment are observers to the project. BioREGIO Carpathians will run for three years (2011 – 2013) and is a flagship project in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

A close interrelation between the project‘s and the Carpathian Convention‘s aims shall ensure an adequate follow-up of the project outcomes at the political level.

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What is the major challenge in the Carpathian Ecoregion? What ist he specific added value of the BioREGIO Carpathians project?
What do you expect from the BioREGIO project? How can protected areas and natural assets contribute to the development of the region? Why it is important to involve stakeholders? Where do you see the specific added value of the project?