Carpathian Joint Biodiversity Information System

The Carpathian Joint Biodiversity Information System (CJBIS) is an interactive public internet platform that offers visualized information on the biological and landscape diversity in the Carpathian area, as well as a broad range of baseline data on protected areas.

It is based on the WWF DCP Carpathian Countries Protected Areas Clearing House Mechanism (CCPACHM) and is inteded to further develop and fill the gaps of the CCPACHM.

We will integrate the collected data on threatened species and habitats in the Carpathians and on invasive alien species (WP3). Furthermore, the GIS-based tool for metadata, data storage and visualization of the regional and Carpathian wide data collected on the barriers to ecological connectivity (WP5) will be linked to the CJBIS, as well.   

The CJBIS will be developed with in the WP3.