Welcome to BioREGIO Carpathians

16 international, national, and local authorities, organizations and scientific institutions have joined forces to contribute to the protection and development of the Carpathian mountain region, situated in the heart of Europe. They are convinced that protection and regional development in the Carpathians can go hand in hand if natural assets are managed in an integrated way and relevant stakeholders are involved.

BioREGIO Carpathians builds on the existing framework of the Carpathian Convention, its Biodiversity Protocol and other related transnational networks and initiatives. It is an EU project which is co-funded by the ERDF within the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.


About the Carpathians:
The Carpathians Mountains are the largest, longest and most twisted and fragmented mountain chain in Europe. They host a unique natural and cultural diversity, exceptional at the European scale. Ongoing socioeconomic changes and environmental impacts influence this sensitive ecological system in the region and call for further joint action.